Your remote Sage Evolution solution. Seamlessly connect your Sage Evolution workstations to a Microsoft SQL database using an internet connection

Key features

Product Overview

Evolution Anywhere is a tool that allows the Sage Evolution workstation(s) to seamlessly connect to a Microsoft SQL server database through any internet connection. The SQL database can either be on-premise or a hosted server. 

Evolution Anywhere does not use any terminal services, and all applications run on the local pc. Using this methodology, you overcome the typical challenges with remote access like remote printing, different desktops, and no special Microsoft Office licensing are required.

Once Evolution Anywhere is installed on the SQL server and workstations, all you require is an internet connection to access Sage Evolution.

All data is encrypted between the server and the workstations.

EvolutionAnywhere is simply installed on the SQL server and workstations running Sage 200 Evolution.

All you need is an internet connection to your SQL database to be able to work in Sage 200 Evolution’s.

All data exchanged between the server, controller and client are encrypted using SSL.

The tool does not use any terminal services/RDP connection, and all applications run on the local PC. This eliminates challenges like remote printing and working with different desktops. No special Microsoft Office licensing is required for Excel and Outlook, as you use the local PC licensing for Office.


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