StorVault Cloud Backup

High performance, cost effective, secure and reliable offsite, Cloud-based backup

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Product Overview

Your company’s Data is a critical asset of your company. Staff members use critical data across computers, mobile devices and application platforms daily. There fore, your business-critical data must be stored in a secure, offsite location. We recommend using StorVault to provide you with peace of mind for all your backup requirement

StorVault Server is an online backup and recovery service designed to accommodate business-critical data residing on dedicated servers or virtual machines. With support for abroad range of operating systems, applications and databases the service helps to guarantee that all corporate data that is backup up to the StorVault Cloud is protected and can be accessed or restored to full operational readiness whenever needed.

StorVault Endpoint is a Cloud-based data backup and recovery service designed to enable organisations of any size to safeguard data created on desktops or laptops. Based on industry-leading data backup and recovery capabilities and a world-class in-country Cloud storage facility, this endpoint service is designed to address the needs of all users–from a sole proprietor working from home to enterprises faced with a widely dispersed mobile workforce operating from frontiers without borders.

StorVault for Office 365 provides complete, policy-driven backup and recovery services for one of the most popular and pervasive IT application environments in the world. This cloud-based, online backup and recovery service provides comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities for Microsoft® Office 365™ applications as well as for mission-critical collaboration tools in the Office 365 productivity suite, including Email, One Drive and SharePoint.

StorVault File System Storage is designed to address the enterprise-scale, unified, log-structured file system layer for object storage. It provides flexible, high-performance access for distributed teams, applications and workloads


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