Sage Evolution 200 Recommended Regional Settings


You may encounter an ‘Error during object activation!..’ error message while working in Sage Evolution.

The error occurs when opening or working within any transaction screen within Sage Evolution.


The error relates to the Windows Regional Settings of the pc, follow the below steps to resolve:

1. Close Sage Evolution on PC where the above error occurred.

2. Open Control Panel | Region and Language.

3. Change the main Format value to English (United Kingdom) or English (United States), and then click the Additional Settings button below.

4. On the Currency tab ensure a full stop symbol (.) is used on the Decimal Symbol field.

5. OOn the Currency tab, select the relevant local country currency symbol (e.g., R for South Africa, etc.) on the Currency symbol field. Also make sure that the Decimal symbol and Digital grouping symbol fields are both set to the comma (,).

7. On the Date tab | Short date field, enter dd/MM/yyyy.

Note that nothing else than the / date separator symbol should be used here.

8. When done, click OK to save your settings.

9. Open Sage Evolution, the above error should now be resolved.

Copyright and Disclaimer: This is a syndicated post by AS² Accounting Software Solutions, Platinum Business Partner of Sage in Southern Africa.

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