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Foreign Currency Update Utility

Update all foreign currencies in Evolution automatically.

Key features

Product Documentation

Foreign Currency Update Utility - Datasheet

Product Overview

The foreign Currency update utility allows you to update all foreign currencies in Evolution automatically

Once done, an email will be sent to specified users with a breakdown of the rates

All exchange rates delivered by the API are “Midpoint” rates, which are calculated using the median average of “Bid” and “Ask” values for each respective currency pair. These values are considered the most representative forex market rates available and may also be the most useful tool to your company’s financial department.

In the Utility the user will map the currency in Sage Evolution against the currency in the API.

The user will for example select USD in Sage Evolution and USD as per API.

You can set multiple currencies per Sage Evolution database.

In the Utility you can specify the frequency the rates must be updated in Sage Evolution.

The update frequency can be set to update once a day or alternatively in intervals e.g. every 60 minutes

Users can be specified to be notified once the rates have been updated in Sage Evolution.

The user will receive an email with a breakdown of the currencies and rates that have been changed in Sage Evolution.

In the Utility the history of changes on the rates will be displayed under the Rate History tab. These rates will be the same as what is displayed in Sage Evolution.

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