How to Import the Leave Calendar for 2021


This article will guide you to import the 2021 leave calendar, which includes all the South African public holidays on Sage Payroll Professional. In order for leave applications to be processed correctly, it is important to update your leave calendar with the applicable dates when using the Leave Module.


Step 1 - Download the 2021 Public Holiday File

• Download the 2021 public holiday import file by clicking the button below:

• Save the file to a location where you will easily find it
• Holidays included in the file:

1 January
New Year’s Day
21 March
Human Rights Day
22 March
Public holiday*
2 April
Good Friday
5 April
Family Day
27 April
Freedom Day
1 May
Workers’ Day
16 June
Youth Day
9 August
National Women’s Day
24 September
Heritage Day
16 December
Day of Reconciliation
25 December
Christmas Day
26 December
Day of Goodwill
27 December
Public holiday*

*The Public Holidays Act (Act No 36 of 1994) determines whenever any public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday following on it shall be a public holiday.

Step 2 - Import the new calendar

• From the main menu, select Leave, then select Copy Calendar

•  Select Import Calendar.
• Enter 2021 at the Calendar year option.
• Enter the applicable company you want to import the public holiday leave calendar.
• Drag/Import the RSA2021.CSV

Step 3 - Reindex Files

After importing the RSA2021.csv file, please complete a rebuild/reindex of the data files.

From the Main Menu:
• Select Utilities
• Select Reindex files
• Select Fast execution/large files
This step must be followed in all companies, failure to do the above will result in possible VPCNT status 49.01 or ‘Sorry not authorized’ errors.

Should you have any issues or require us to assist you with importing the leave dates, contact us below: 

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