Implementation & Consulting

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Implementation Overview

With the implementation of a new system there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. Depending on the complexity of the project, some of the steps will be completed simultaneously. On more complex projects each step will be completed separately.

This is the initial stage where we discuss and analyse core requirements. The client needs to forward all possible types of transactions and requirements to AS². The key points for the project are identified and documented at this stage. The information supplied by the client will form the basis for AS² to develop and configure a solution. . The team that is allocated to the project is an integral part of the success of the project. The AS² consultant(s) is there to consult, not constantly teach. The success of implementation requires both parties to assign an internal project leader and project team with employees from different departments. Both parties must work together and be committed to the success of the implementation.

AS² will assign a consultant(s) that will work with elected personnel to take responsibility for the progress and implementation of the new solution.

With the information supplied and the key points identified for the project, AS² will map a holistic design of your system setup and configuration. System Analysis / Proof of Concept documentation will be drafted and signed by both parties (where applicable).  Correct and accurate data is the foundation of any system. The project team must analyze current data to identify which data is important and should be converted. The collection of new data that is required should be done by compiling spreadsheets. The Information can be imported into the solution. The migration procedure will be documented in the System Analysis/ Proof of Concept document.

The project team will process in a test database to check and ensure that the objectives of the projects are met. Training of staff in the effective use of the system will also take place. The training process will be developed by the project team.

In the project assessment, the Go Live date will be identified. This is where the client starts to process in the system. AS² will either have a consultant(s) on-site or on standby to ensure a smooth transmission.

Sign off will take place per milestone, as presented in the Project Scope document.

It is important to have an Evaluation meeting 6 to 8 weeks after the Go Live date. In the meeting, the project team will review the key points of the project. Feedback on the use of the system should also be received, and any problem areas can then be addressed (if the issues are still outstanding).

This is an ongoing process of continuous improvement, which involves upgrading the software, enhancing the functionality of the applications, changes in reports, etc. It is important to review the system at least every 12 months.

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