What is New in Pastel Partner and Xpress V18

New User Interface

Sage Pastel Version 18 has introduced a new and fresh user interface. This latest design enhances the visual experience by incorporating recent trends with strong references to the Sage brand.

Inventory Search

The new search function is only available in the inventory search. This new search function allows for a more custom search and not only a search on specific fields like code or description. The new search function will search on Item Code, Description and Bar code simultaneously.

You can drag the columns left and right to rearrange the order of the columns to have the description column display first then the item code. If you rearrange the columns and want them to return to their original state, click on the Restore Grid Layout button in the menu bar. This will restore the columns to their original state.
Each column can filter from A-Z, Z-A or 0-9, 9-0. Click on the column heading to change the display order.
Each column has a filter icon in the top right corner. When you have multiple items that belong to the same category or there are multiple items with the same item code or description, click on the filter and select the Item Code, Description or Category. Only these selected items will display to reduce the number of items in the search.

If you have multiple stores, select an item then click on the Show Store Details [+] button from the menu bar. This will expand the item and display the store that the item is located at. Once displayed, the quantities on hand will be displayed with the pricing and bin of the item. Multiple items can be selected to display the store information. To close the stores, select the item and click on Collapse Store Details [-] or click on the Collapse All Store Details button to close all the stores that are displayed.

Office 365 integration

With Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium you will have the opportunity to integrate Sage Pastel Version 18 into Office 365.

With Sage Contact, you can synchronise your Sage Pastel customer and supplier accounts with Office 365 Outlook. In Outlook, you can view a customer’s balances and simultaneously send a customer an email. This does not require you to switch between Sage Pastel and Outlook. You can also update the customers’ contact details while in Outlook and the updates will be pushed into Sage Pastel.

As a Microsoft 365 Office Premium client, you will have access to OneDrive. Select your OneDrive path as the backup path and each time you back up your data will be stored in OneDrive in the cloud. Safe and secure.

Payroll / Accounting integration

An assistant has been developed to integrate your Payroll transactions into Sage Pastel Version 18. Once you have created the profile, you process the transaction and they will be integrated into the payroll journal in Sage Pastel Version 18.

Enlarged processing screens
The following processing screens have been widened to prevent the user from having to scroll left and right and missing data fields.

Password reset in-app

It is possible to recover your username or password and change your password from the login screen, quick easy and simple. You can now change your password or recover your password without having to call into the call centre

Bank Manager enhancements

Capitec bank statements have been included in the Bank Manager module.

When you make use of Sage Pay Feeds, you can map all the transaction on the first import and then these mappings will be saved for the future imports.


Please see attached document for a full list of features in Version 18

Whats New Pastel Partner V18

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