What is New in Sage 200 Evolution V10.1


  • Email Enhancements
  • Registration Changes
  • General Ledger Transactional Export
  • Job Costing
  • Tax Reporting
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Branch Accounting Synchronization

Sage continuously invest in research and development to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest and most cutting-edge business management software. With the release of Sage 200 Evolution Version 10.1 Sage incorporated your suggestions and considered your valued feedback in the new enhancements and add-on modules, ensuring to supply you with greater flexibility, efficiency and control in your business.

To enhance customer experience, all emails sent from Sage 200 Evolution will include the signature of the logged in agent.  

Each agent has the ability to configure their own email signature in the system, and once configured, any email sent from the application will include the agent’s configured email signature.  

Agents can configure their email option by navigating to Utilities -> E-mail Signature. 

Additional enhancements include the ability to now email statements, remittances, invoices and credit notes as attachments to multiple email recipients that are setup on customer and supplier profiles.  

People that are linked to customers and suppliers will have email addresses, and when documents are generated by the system, all email recipients linked to the customer or supplier will receive an email with the relevant document attached.  

This can be managed with options on the customer and suppliers to allow sending of documents and statements to Linked People.

To automatically renew registration details, enter a Serial number on the Sage 200 Evolution Registration page.

On Login to the database, the latest registration code details will be retrieved from the Sage systems.

Applicable only to South African clients.

As datasets grow, exporting of data from the system has been made easier with a new a new feature that will allow a user to export transactions directly to Microsoft Excel.   

On General Ledger…Transactions a new dialog was added for Transactional Export. 

Per general ledger account, transactions for a range of periods can be exported directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

An option was added on the Defaults to show a message on completion of a job card that there is a Work In Progress variance.  

The user will have to option to continue with the processing to complete the Job Card, or, decide to stop the processing.

To assist with larger jobs a new option is available on a job card to select all the lines to be invoiced.

The tax module has been enhanced to report on out of period transactions.

Users will set up a Start Period for tax periods and a Tax Reporting Frequency.

At end of a month, the period can be closed. Any transactions that are posted in the same period that is already closed, can be reported on in a next period.

The Tax Box and Tax Listing reports can be run for Closed Periods and options have also been added to view the Out of Period Transactions.

In environments where more than one currency can be traded in, a new feature was added in the Retail Point of Sale module to accept tender in other currencies, give change in that currency and also cash up in more than one currency.

As part of our continuous improvement of the Synchronisation process, the following changes have been implemented.

The XML Verification screen displays the Bytes and Checksum of the found export files (.dat) files, to assist the user in finding the correct file to resend.

Also search and display for .dat_ files.

In the event the SyncMonitor encounters a Hash file mismatch, it will flag and rename the .dat file to an error checksum file (.erc), which will now be displayed in the SyncMonitor as such, opposed to keeping the mismatch file as a .dat file and continually trying to import it.

The user can select when to delete this mismatch file, giving the receiving Sync the ability to resend the correct .dat so the import may be imported successfully.

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Whats New in Sage 200 Evolution V10.1

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