What is New in Sage 200 Evolution V10


  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL 2017
  • Direct Banking Integration
  • Inter Branch Transfers 
  • Source Document Layouts
  • Registration
  • Maintenance

Version 10 of Sage 200 Evolution can host an Evolution Master and Common database in Microsoft Azure SQL.

On the Locate Database wizard, point the SQL Server name to the instance set up in Azure using SQL Authentication.

An option is available to use a secure connection to the SQL database.

The default SQL Server on the installation is now SQL 2017

The Global Banking offering from Sage has been integrated into Sage 200 Evolution. As a first iteration, a direct integration to download statements have been implemented with ABSA.

Using the Bank Manager module, Sage 200 Evolution will download the statement information directly into Bank Manager.

Each Bank Account can be set up for Bank Feeds.

IBT Requisitions are enhanced to allow requisitions from within the same branch. On the Requisition lines, an option is available to see all the quantities for the warehouse where stock is requisitioned from. All the warehouse quantity fields are visible on a new form called Stock Levels. Select this button on the Requisition form.

The fields that it will display includes:

Qty Required
Qty Available
Qty on Hand
Qty on SO
Qty on PO
Qty IBT to Issue
Qty IBT to Receive

On the Synchronization Monitor, IBT’s that are processed will be part of the
synchronization, unprocessed IBT’s are excluded.

The default source document layouts have been changed to use the text for the tax number as ‘VAT Number’.

The pin number for Version 10 have been changed and a re-registration is required.

Production items addressed in the release:


IS-10652 – Volume discount contracts can be created for a customer name that contains an apostrophe

IS-12117 – Allowing negative on a warehouse item has been corrected on a Sales Order

IS-12085 – INTEGER values on _etblWhseIBTLines and _etblWhseIBTLineSN have been changed to BIGINT

IS-11136 – Initial Import and Export corrected on the Sync Monitor using SQL2017

IS-11501 – Asset copied at a branch will be created for the branch and not All Branches

IS-12364 – Time of use Tariffs will calculate on a billing run

IS-12328 – Finalisation process for pro-rata billing corrected to not give an “SelectCommand.Connection Property has not been initiliased” error

IS-12186 – Customer enquiries corrected on Municipal Billing to not display an error message “SelectCommand.Connection Property has not been initiliased”

IS-12059 – Loading of a sales order will now be faster if a customer record is linked to many delivery addresses (more than a thousand)

IS-10189 – In a scenario when using the split delivery and invoice and using manufacturing on the fly, the Inventory Issue Accrual account will now be cleared

IS-10658 – On a Service Task an error “One or more invalid arguments were passed to WarehouseContext Constructor” error has been corrected

IS-12205 – Inclusive and exclusive values of purchase transactions have been corrected on the Tax Box report

IS-11879 – A “String or Binary data will be truncated” error for suppliers with a description of more than 50 characters have been correct on Tax Management | Enquiries

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Whats New in Sage 200 Evolution V10

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