What is new in Sage Evolution Premium / Sage 200 Evolution V9.10.

You will be presented with a new look in Sage 200 Evolution. A new icon set has been designed to modernise and refresh the interface. Added features to the working area include Process Flows and Related Tasks. Accounts Payable is now named Suppliers/Purchases and Accounts Receivable is known as Customers/Sales.

Some screens have been logically regrouped. An example is the invoice, it will now be available on the Inventory as well as the Customers/Sales option. Find your screens faster by filtering your system tree. Quick links to reports are available in the working area. And you can now copy your grids to Excel.


Some of the new features we are particularly excited about include:

The tables that store the inventory items have been modernised and enhanced to improve speed on big datasets. The time it takes to add inventory items that belong to multiple warehouses have been drastically enhanced. Processing speeds have also improved due to the structural changes.

Multiple Bin Locations per Warehouse have been added to Inventory.

Item Categories have been introduced. These are linked to inventory items. Inventory reports can be filtered according to Item Category.

Define attributes for inventory items for more accurate reporting and maintenance of inventory items.

With Sage 200 Evolution, a new version of Report Builder is shipped. This allows for better formatting when printing to Excel. Column header and column formatting is maintained. Extra options at time of printing to file allows for more capabilities.


Within System Tools, an option is available to either Backup or Restore the current database.

In Version 9.10, the user defined field values are stored in a separate table. Previously the field was added to the document master table. Due to the new structure, when document user defined values are changed, the changes can be tracked.

Maintenance of Masterfile data is easier with new Quick Entry options added to Supplier Groups, Customer Groups, Inventory Groups and Inventory Items

Various enhancements have been made to the Sync Monitor for an offline Branch Accounting environment.

With the new look & feel and some amazing added functionality, it is not difficult to see why we are excited about this product.


Please see the attached release notes for a full list of all the new features of SAGE 200 EVOLUTION v9.10

Sage 200 Evolution v9.10 Release notes

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