Whats new in Sage 200 Evolution V10.1.3


1. Volume Discount Contracts

2. Drill Down to Source Documents from Reports

1. Volume Discount Contracts

Unit of measure type items can be used in Volume Discount Contracts with the unit specified. This feature will allow for a specific price or discount percentage to be specified per unit of measure on a volume discount contract.

On the volume discount contract, a unit of measure value can be specified. This field is not mandatory, if no unit is specified, the discount or price will be applied according to warehouse, customer, and item settings.

This feature is only implemented in the Retail Point of Sale module.

2. Drill Down to Source Documents from Reports

An exciting new feature is the ability to drill down to the source document from a report preview. The functionality is available on the trial balance and the income statement. 

A blue hyperlink will be displayed for fields that allow to drill down to the source transaction. A grid with the transactions will be displayed when the hyperlink is selected. The grid has the normal functionality of customizing the columns and exporting.

If the transaction allows, it will enable the ‘Source’ button, to open-source document. ‘Drill down’ will show the transaction details.

Click on ‘Stay on top’ top keep the grid open and move focus back to the report preview.

Permissions for drilling down to source applies.

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