Whats new in Sage Payroll Professional Release 5.5a


  • How to Access Release Notes
  • Important Notice
  • Licence Agreement
  • RSA: Mid-year Submissions
  • RSA: SDL Contribution Holiday
  • TERS Report Changes
  • Flexi Leave Import and Export
  • In-System Support: Live Chat and Pegg
  • Africa: Tax Changes
  • Africa: New and Changed Reports
  • New Features/Requests Implemented/Items Resolved

How to Access Release Notes

Option 1 :  On the launch page > click Help File > a new tab will open > Select Release Notes 

Option 2 :  On the company listing page > Select Help > Release Notes

Important Notice

When you go into a company licensed for Tax Country: South Africa, an Important Notice will come up containing the following information:

This notice will be displayed each time you access the company until you acknowledge the message at the bottom of the screen.

You can print this screen for reference purposes.

Licence Agreement

The Licence Agreement is found on the Company Listing Screen under <Help>.

The Licence Agreement is no longer found in the system but has been replaced with a link to a central location, hosting all our product Licence Agreements:


RSA: Mid-year Submission

You may access the PAYE Business Requirements Specification on the SARS website for more details of what is mentioned below.

New IRP5 Codes
  • IRP5 Code 3724: Amounts paid by any Covid-19 Disaster Relief Organisation (IT)
  • IRP5 Code 4055: COVID-19 Solidarity Fund Donations
  • IRP5 Code 3618: Annuity from a Provident/Provident Preservation Fund (PAYE)
  • No IRP5 Code: TERS Payments
Amended ETI Code Validations
  •  IRP5 Code 7005: ETI Qualifying 12-month Cycle Indicator
  • IRP5 Code 7004: Monthly Calculated ETI

RSA: SDL Contribution Holiday

Employers who are registered for SDL are exempt from the SDL liability and payment from 1 May 2020 – 31 August 2020.

As from the first pay period in September you need to set the SDL Percentage back to one percent.

When you do a Start of Period into September or into the first pay period of September (non-monthly companies), you will get a message instructing you to do so:

Please access the Basic Company Information Screen in the first processing period of September and enter the SDL Percentage as 1.00%.

The Period SDL Calculation must, however, remain selected (ticked) for the rest of the year.

Basic Company Information Screen

Main Menu > Company > Basic Company Information Screen

  • SDL Percentage: Change to ‘1.0000’.
  • Period SDL Calculation: This option will remain visible for now (and not only when has accessed your system). Leave this option selected (ticked) for the rest of the Tax Year to ensure the YTD Skills Development Levy is calculated correctly.

If you have not set the SDL Percentage to 1% in September, or in the first pay period of September (non-monthly companies), you will need to:

Calculate the value for the missed pay period(s) manually,

Capture these values on the Employee Company Contribution Screen on the SDL line, in the Amount column, Times by 1.

You could also do this input via a Batch.

This will ensure that YTD SDL contributions are correct.

TERS Report Changes

The TERS Report has been amended and was released on 31 August.

Value to be used as UIF Remuneration

Leave Income (During Shutdown)

TERS Report Changes

We have received several requests to make provision for the import and export of leave information.

The Flexi Leave Import and Export utility will enable you to easily import leave transactions, make changes to employee leave days screens and export leave related information.

Flexi Leave Export will also assist with reconciliations.

The Flexi Leave Import and Export utility is available for all tax countries who are licensed for the Leave Module.

The new menu option is available under:

Interfaces > Flexi Utility > Leave Information > Control Screen

You will find that the basic functionality of this utility is the same as the Flexi Fixed and Financial layouts.

You are permitted to import and export leave transaction information or general employee leave information. Not all information available for selection can be imported. Some information is for export purposes only.

Access Control
Flexi Leave Control Screen
Export Flexi Leave
Import Flexi Leave

In-System Support: Live Chat and Pegg

You now have two In-system Support options: Chat and Pegg


Africa: Tax Changes


Africa New and Changed Reports

Lesotho P16b and P16b-1 Annual Declaration Reports
Zambia NHI Employee Schedule
Mauritius Reports
Existing Report and Bank File Changes

New Features/Requests Implemented/Items Resolved

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