Benefits of moving your data to a cloud platform

Having access to your system from anywhere has become critical, especially today. Moving software systems such as an accounting system can be difficult, but we need to embrace the cloud era that is upon us.

What is cloud platforms?

Businesses and individuals are making use of cloud technology every day. We use Dropbox or SharePoint to share our files and office software such as Google Suite and Microsoft 365 for our daily tasks. It makes data and software available online anytime, anywhere, on any device. Below are some of the benefits of moving your data to a cloud platform.

Mobile access at any time

Having your accounting system in the cloud permits you the accessibility to your accounts and key financial figures. You are tied to the office when you run your business on desktop accounting software. This restriction might limit your access to your financial information. However, cloud access permits you to log in and work from anywhere, as long as you can access an Internet connection.

A cost and time-effective solution

Using a cloud platform cuts your IT budgets and helps manage your time effectively by keeping you linked to the business. Desktop software is expensive to operate as it requires investing in hardware and maintenance. However, cloud software maintenance does not involve costly IT infrastructure, and you can access the software whether you are in the office or working from home. Without delay, you can approve payments, save time, and ensure that your financial processes are effective.

Watertight security and no time-consuming back-ups

If you have desktop software working knowledge, you are most likely aware that daily backups are highly required. You will have to update the desktop account software each time your provider releases an upgraded version. Remote updates and online support are more accessible with a cloud-based system

Share and collaborate with ease

When you are using a cloud-based system, it eases the workflow and data sharing with colleagues and decision-makers. A cloud platform creates an opportunity for all administrative staff to access your current accounting system from any location.

Speak to us in moving your current software to a cloud-based platform and experience all the accounting benefits without changing the software you are currently using.

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