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Product Overview

Sage Evolution CRM is a powerful business activity management system. Sage Evolution CRM’s flexibility allows you to define processes as a “business activity”. The popular term given to tracking customer related activities is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Tracking supplier related activities is sometimes called “Supply Chain Management”. Sage Evolution CRM allows you to complete these and other important processes.

All too often, a manager’s main concern is financial information. Sage Evolution CRM takes management software to the next level by providing absolute control over activity based information.

Sage Evolution CRM’s functionality extends far beyond merely reporting on supplier and customer related activities. Any issue that takes place within a business, and is important enough to be tracked, is recorded as an incident by Sage Evolution CRM add-on module. This allows you to track a history of events as they occur, as far back as you wish.

There are two versions of Sage Evolution CRM:
• Sage Evolution CRM Standard contains basic incident tracking.
• The full version, Sage Evolution CRM Premium contains more advanced features.

Sage Evolution CRM Standard can be used in conjunction with the core Sage Evolution Accounting system and Sage Evolution CRM Premium can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

You can track account queries, faxes and incident history linked to both customers and suppliers. E-mail any document to any customer and keep a record thereof. Attach important documents to customer and supplier records for future correspondence. Block customers for non-payments and initiate a workflow for debt collection.

Create multiple contracts per customer and track each contract by type. Maintain your customer relationships by creating user defined fields that allow for additional information specific to your business requirements. Contracts can have a clearly defined cost per contract. Block contracts for non-payment and charge accordingly, per incident.

Use the Knowledge Base facility to store frequently asked questions and documentation pertaining to complex issues and procedures. This allows you to share expertise across your
business. You can search any entry to find a document or an article stored in the past. Attach and e-mail Knowledge Base Articles within seconds to customers and suppliers. Track information requests by attaching Articles to incidents and report them for common queries.

Maintain your relationships with customers and suppliers by tracking unlimited incidents per customer/supplier and by managing multiple open issues.

Customer queries need to be resolved on time, every time. Use the Escalation feature to ensure efficiency in a call centre environment. Track incidents per Service Level Agreement or other Support Contracts and report on them accordingly. Graphically view all incidents and their status per Agent (user).


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