What is New in Pastel Partner and Xpress V19


The new release of Sage Pastel will be released as two version.

The first version is Sage 50cloud Pastel. Sage 50cloud Pastel is available to any subscription client. The
release will have the following new features:

• Enhanced search
• New assistants
• Deleted inventory assistant (Not available for Sage 50cloud Pastel Xpress)
• Direct bank feeds
• Office 365 integration

The second version is Sage Pastel Version 19. Sage Pastel Version 19 is available to all non-subscription

clients and does not include the cloud components.
The release will have the following new features:
• Enhanced search
• New assistants
• Deleted inventory assistant (Not available for Sage Pastel Xpress Version 19)

Sage Partner v19
Sage 50 Cloud Partner
Enhanced Search
New Assistance
Delete Inventory Assistance
Direct Bank Fees
Office 365 Integration
Sage Contact
Cloud Backup
Sage Xpress v19
Sage 50cloud Xpress
Enhanced Search
New Assistance
Delete Inventory Assistance
Direct Bank Fees
Office 365 Integration
Sage Contact
Cloud Backup

With Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium you will have the opportunity to integrate Sage 50cloud Pastel into Office 365.

With Sage Contact, you can synchronize your Sage Pastel customer and supplier accounts with Office 365 Outlook. In Outlook, you can view a customer’s balances and simultaneously send a customer an email.

This does not require you to switch between Sage 50cloud and Outlook. You can update the customers’ contact details while in Outlook and the updates will be pushed into Sage 50cloud. View the last 5 invoices & payments with Outlook; no matter where you are (desktop, cloud or mobile) you have all the information you need to quickly & efficiently connect with your customers.

Go paperless and never lose a receipt again by photographing your expenses with Sage Capture, saving them to One Drive and posting transactions to your Sage 50cloud… all from your mobile or tablet.

Get an accurate view of your cashflow with Direct Bank Feeds + Enhanced aggregator connections to your Bank flowing directly into Bank Manager. ABSA Bank will be the 1st Bank to directly feed bank statements straight into Bank Manager!

Sage 50cloud automatically backups up to the cloud and notifies you of any problems. The process is simple and customisable to suit your requirements.

The new search function is available for customers, suppliers and inventory search. When you search for the first time, you will receive the following screen, you can click on the Yes button to use the new search or click on the No button to continue using the current search feature.

This new search function allows for a more custom search and not only a search on specific fields like code or description. The new search function will search on multiple fields simultaneously.
When you enter a character in the Search for field, click on the tick or press Enter on the keyboard and you will start your search. You can add characters in the Search for field to narrow down the search. If you enter a number and you have multiple entries with the same number, eg barcodes and all the fields start with that same number, then all your items will display in the search.

You can drag the columns left and right to rearrange the order of the columns to have the description column display first then the item code. If you rearrange the columns and want them to return to their original state, click on the Restore Grid Layout button in the menu bar. This will restore the columns to their original state.

Each column can filter from A-Z, Z-A or 0-9, 9-0. Click on the column heading to change the display order. Each column has a filter icon in the top right corner. When you have multiple items that belong to the same category or there are multiple items with the same item code or description, click on the filter and select the Item Code, Description or Category. Only these selected items will display to reduce the number of items in the search.

If you have multiple stores, select an item then click on the Show Store Details [+] button from the menu bar. This will expand the item and display the store that the item is located at. Once displayed, the quantities on hand will be displayed with the pricing and bin of the item. Multiple items can be selected to display the store information. To close the stores, select the item and click on Collapse Store Details [-] or click on the Collapse All Store Details button to close all the stores that are displayed. Once you have selected an item, you can click on the Enquire button or press F5 on your keyboard for more information on the item. 

(This feature is not available in Xpress versions)

Quickly identify & delete inventory items that are no longer in use. The system creates a replacement item which will be used for history purposes when you want to re-print an older invoice. Items can only be deleted if the following conditions apply:

• Zero quantity on hand
• Item not in a snapshot
• Item not in a document

A step by step indicator displays to show the progress and exactly where you are when running one of the many assistants in the accounting package.

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Whats New in Sage 50cloud Pastel

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